Travel Failed, Unable To Start Transfer

  • same here as we all could not connect for past 2 hours , so i just wiped my own server and went to 4x4 map, and shows on game server list and everything is online, but not one person can connect to server . this lack of customer support is for the birds with the amount you need to spend to rent these servers.

  • everyone is having timeout issues at the moment i think its network wide.

    I do Not work for or in any way represent G-Portal. I just try to give advise where I might be of assistance. If i give you wrong information by mistake or information has changed I am sorry.

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  • i keep getting this on and off too, traveld from b3 to c2 and back fine then went to travel to c3 boom cant do it "cant transfer, unable to start transfer" been doing this on and off for me for like 2 days

  • Same here... all was working well on a 4x4 server set up. Transfers were working between zones and then about 2 hours ago... going from one zone to the next... connection timeout happened on my character. We all logged off. Restarted servers... now no one can connect. Everyone who trys to connect now receives a connection timeout. I have no idea on how to fix. Got me a ticket going. Waiting around. :)

  • So still no fix.. bummer. Can't even recruit people into tribe sometimes. G-Portal, please communicate with other companies that are running this game very well. Annoying and frustrating to have the simplest of issues that other server companies don't have.

  • I've had a similar issue, I'm on the G-Portal 1x2 all biomes map. Mine says time out, cant transfer because of a password issue, even though the home grid controls the password for both grids. I can tell you what I had to do to work around this, it still sucks, but it does get me where I want to go. Lets say I'm in A1, the home server and want to travel to A2. I had to go add the ip/port to the steam/view/favorites just like I did the home server, now when I get ready to cross through the blue wall, I drop my sails to 10-20%, and cross. It will cut me off, with the stupid timeout thing, so I go ahead and log all the way out, go to the steam favorites list and direct join the A2 server. When it logs me in, I'll still be on my ship, sailing at 10-20%. Yes it sucks, but better than being stuck. This may or may not work for others, but it's worth a shot if you're stuck and can't log in. I just keep the steam server window open in the background to speed things up. Remember the ip/port of the expansion grid will be a little different than the main server, so make sure you put the correct one in for the grid you're traveling to. "WARNING",, I strongly recommend that you drop the sails to a very low speed before crossing, as your ship will arrive in game before you do, and be sailing at whatever speed you cross at. I almost sailed straight into a island. Hope this method will help some of you until they can get it resolved.

  • The server I play mostly on run by a YouTuber is like this 90% of the time. Travel failed, unable to start transfer. It is so infuriating. What's the point of even having multiple grids if you can never travel between them :(