Missing Server Folder in the FTP

  • hey everyone,

    So my crew and I crossed into my Expansion server and i noticed that my Skill Points were in the negative again. Now I followed the Engram Points thread and my Home Server worked perfectly. Crossing into this one I worried i did something wrong so i went back to my FTP and I noticed the Folders might be incorrect. So on my FTP, i have 30_B1, 40_B2, and 40_C1. My Clusters Im using are only 2 servers and on the Map i placed them on B2 (Home Server) and B3 (Expansion Server). Am I crazy or am I missing the B3 Folder on my FTP? The 30_B1 and 40_B2 both have Config Folders and their files and are edited. The 40_C1 Folder does not have a Config Folder. Should I create one and copy over information even though Im not using the C1 Grid on my map?