Map explanations please?

  • Can someone from Gportal explain the MMO map 15x15 grid? Is this a single map of 15 x15 grid sized area on a single server, or are we looking at a charge for 15x15x$10 cost to use?

  • Each grid area is one server. So the grid at section A5 for example will be 1 server, then the section next to it lets say B5 will be another server making it a 2x1 server but at the cost of 2 servers. Think of it this way... Every section is $10-$12 to have up assuming you're playing with minimum slots per region.

  • in the maps it was one of the options but has no details. I presumed it was the 15x15x$10 cost but as you said that is an astronomical amount of money. I have a 2x2, so I know how those work. Appreciate the input guys/gals