My list of problems. The customer service has slowly been trying to help with my problem but not actually addressing anything

  • So I had a 2x1 biome running. I was unable to change servers with a password up because I was using View/Server/Favorite and the IP to connect to game. Support told me to connect directly through the game. The game does not show up inside the server list of games. I left it running all night to see if it showed up and it never did. The newest iteration at trying to get the game working I managed to get inside the game with direct connect but none of my characters were gaining experience at all. I set the max level higher but it was the same settings as my previous game that I was unable to change servers in. It seems like each server comes with its own unique problems. Had no luck actually getting a server running for much amount of time and now my 3 day test window is almost up. I want to give up for a few months until this can all hopefully be sorted. Anyone provide any advice or step by step instructions I can follow to set up a server with expansion? Nothing I do seems to work.

  • Hello, first I'd like to say thank you for being a member of the G-Portal community. I also want to mention that you can have a password using the STEAM Servers connect. A separate pop up will populate the screen so you can enter your password. I also would like for you to please view this post in the wiki. It may just give you the insight you need to have a better experience.…_I_can%27t_find_my_server!

    Please see if after doing these steps if you can have a better experience. <3