stop the server by itself

  • My conan server lately is having a problem. Randomly my server stop by it self and will not show in the list. Sometimes players complain they are floating thru foundations or cant equip tools/weapons. Anything I can do? I don't want to wipe the server. Do you think huge base and abandoned base are the problem?.

  • As far as the server randomly going Offline and stopping, that would need to be checked by going to Support and Write a Ticket.

    If the gameplay is having issues, there could be a load issue going on there as well for the techies to look into. I have had some pretty bad lag and rubber banding when i build a base more than 20x20 and 12 high. So I tend to keep things in those ranges for bases.

    If you do have abandoned bases, it might not hurt to destroy them if they are in the same region as other bases you are using. If you have a base in the desert you don't use anymore but you have other bases near the volcano it shouldn't be too big a deal since each region is a new load.

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