All resources showing up as generic

  • Is anyone else having an issue with the resources on their server showing up in their inventory as generic resources? We're on the 4x4 map, and have started in C3, which has copper. All the copper shows up in our inventories as "metal" rather than copper. This is a problem for making ingots, as well as not being able to get things like rushes for taming cows.

  • nope 2x2 map and its all good for us. There are copper rocks that give plain metal, but outside of the starting island there are tons of other varieties of everything. I think you just need to do some exploring if you haven't. The started island tends to be just the generic versions.

  • So I'm not sure of the actual coding, but you'll find the easier islands only drop generic metal and wood, harder islands drop specific metals. Like we are playing 2x2 and started in B2, the start island had only genetics, but a short boat ride and we had tonnes of copper and stuff