• A lot of us are having issues. It's not entirely the fault of the site however. Instead of playing the blame game, simply wait it out and be patient. As the mods of the site have said multiple times the game isn't set up or run like any other game they've hosted before. They are going into this blindly, and aren't getting the feedback from the game developers that's necessary. If you don't want to be patient, then don't invest in an EA game.

    This isnt an EA game... o_o

    Also It is the sites fault for not being prepared before doing all of this and I am patient. We have all been patient for almost what a week? More?

    If you want to hump the company thats fine, you do you. :p

  • He wasn't referring to Electronic Arts, he was referring to "Early Access" which is normally a bug filled state of a game's development cycle. Some games in early access are better in this department than others.

    Thank you for telling me, I was SUPER confused... xD