Official PvE #1502 - Repeatedly Hanging

  • So for the last week or so, this server keeps crashing most evenings right around when the first purge should be kicking off, roughly 6:30pm ET. A couple nights ago, it had to be started no fewer than 3 times, last night once. I'm not sure if over-crowding is to blame, but every day we get dozens of new players in spite of us warning them how over-crowded and unstable the server has become.

    Regardless, tonight the server went down around 6:30pm after a group of us had just entered the volcano, and it's now been down for 3 hours despite what has to be dozens of server-down reports using the server report tool.

    I'm not sure if it's of any help, but the weird thing is that the server browser keeps fluctuating on how many players its reporting: 21/40 one moment, then 8/40, back to 21/40, 7... 21... 3... 21.

    Clearly, whatever tool is in place to detect when something has gone wrong with a server needs revisiting because this sort of hang seems to avoid detection.

    At any rate, pretty crummy way for many of us to spend our last night of holiday vacation, especially if a large group of us all lose our legendaries and other gear we were carrying...;(

  • 6+ hours... 1am before it came back online. Glad I kept BattleMetrics on auto-refresh while doing NOT THIS so I could login and ensure everyone had gotten to safety once it started up.

    What a way to close out a year.

  • And it's hung again. According to reports on the Funcom forums, it locked up about 2 hours ago at 12:30pm ET.

    Hello and thank you for the info. I'm certain it will be resolved as quickly as possible. Happy New Year, btw:)