Sealed Waterskin doesn't work

  • Our players get thirsty...and going into water resolves that problem. But the "sealed waterskin" or any water containing object only has a cooling impact on us. It doesn't resolve our thirst at all. This is happening for all 4 players on the server. Any ideas how we can resolve without a full server wipe? Thanks in advance!

  • I've had this happen a couple of times myself, but on PS4.

    I usually just log off, turn off the game for like 15 minutes, then start it back up again and it works fine after that.

    You might have to go to Funcom and do a ticket with them.

    You could also do a ticket with G-Portal since they're the main group for them, that way if there is something with the account it will give them permission to use account details to fix the issue(s)

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