Can't cross servers

  • I have 40 slots and I do have 3 expansion servers. However the game is not letting any of my players cross servers. Any clue as to what could be happening.

  • I have them, They all say they are online... in fact the one server we seem to not be able to go to consistently is our the home server. It's very strange. One of my players got trapped on that server and now she can't get back to our currently occupied server. So both servers are online... But we can't xfer back and forth.

  • There is a new patch today, one of the things changed was to do with server connectivity, maybe restart your servers and if still a problem ticket it as it maybe that G-Portal needs to make a change their end.

  • I believe there was an issue with the cross server items and it got put on hold for now so the devs can work some things out.

    No ETA right now, but I believe there should be a notification to everyone over the next couple of days.

    Sorry for any inconvenience all.

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