unstable non home servers

  • i've really tried to avoid making another post but i've legit been sitting here for hours trying to work out whats wrong without hope, i have a 4x4 server with 7 available grids currently,and every time i boot my server it goes up no problem but as soon as i try to travel to a server(grid) thats not spawn region my game crashes like the server is not up, when i try relog i can get in becuase my character has drowned but as soon as i try recross the border i crash again its driving me nuts only been an issue since the multiplier fix, to note i changed to the 3x3 grid and had no problem im assuming its an issue with the 4x4 map currently? a reply would be greatly apreciated

  • Hey,

    PM Your Server name and info and ill check into it and see if i can locate the issue. But ive got reports of issues with the 3x3 and we have our devs and map creator checking and fixing them now. Some Issues thou can not be fully resolved till the release the Dev kit :(