Updating XP multiplier and adjusting slots results in a wipe of progress and character data

  • I bought a 2x1 service and currently only have 1 of the two servers active, as others have experienced. I decided to increase the XP multiplier and reduce the number of "slots" from 20 to 10 in preparation for when expansion servers are available.

    It appears to take my changes to XP settings, but reducing the number of slots shuts down the server. However, it shows as using 0/10 at this point. When I start the server the number of slots returns to 0/20 (i.e., my change had no effect). Further, when I log back into the server I'm asked to create a new character.

    I think they have a serious bug as adjusting these values should not wipe characters or progression. I understand the wipe when changing the map, but that hasn't changed. Ideas?

  • Okay, I see part of the issue. Before I tried adjusting the number of slots from the "Basic Settings" page. Apparently you have to adjust it from the gear icon on the cluster overview page.

    Any ideas on why it wiped characters and all progression?

  • Im not sure if i follow, but if you loaded the custom map, it wipes everything once its loaded. So i don't know if you loaded the map, made progress then changed the settings and it wiped or if you are talking about progress from the original freeport map. I don't know if you extended and all of that. I do know that once you load that 2x1 map, its a wipe.

  • Also, you dont want to lower the slots, you want to raise them to 20, if you have the slots at 10 thinking you are reserving them for the ext server, that's not how it works. Right now with the 10 of 20 setting, its going to look and say half of 10 is five, i need 10 so minimum slots reached. When you crank it up to 20, it will say half of 20 is 10, i need 10 we are all set. So, crank your available slots up to 20 or you are not gonna be able to install the ext server.

  • Thanks. the "slots" are confusing to say the least!

    In terms of the reset of progression, I did not change the map (well, not besides the first time following installation). I did the following:

    - logged in & played some

    - logged out, changed the XP multiplier and slot settings

    - looked baffled while the server shutdown

    - started the server & waited until it was responding

    - reconnected to play, and was prompted to create a new character