2x1 map, not allowing me to add expansion server

  • I've purchased a 20 slot server and I want to use a 2x1 map. I'm currently unable to add an expansion server. Is there a particular way in setting this up?

  • is add an ext server green on the control panel or set to coming soon? You have to have all 20 slots available, like showing 20 of 20 slots so that the ext server will see you have the slots to add it. Are you getting any red messages like Hardware unavailable or minimum slots reached? need some info so we can help you

  • I just went for 2x1 and added 20 slots. All look good but the have no hardware to expand it. Why in the hell would you guys allow us to spend our money on expanding, when you are not ready? Even though the server goes up like it's ready to go. I all ready had 8 days of trouble before I added 20 slots. So I hope I will get credit days for all of that plus this cluster.