Powerstones and fire elementals

  • Yes, Power Stones are on my 2x1 server, killing the blue ghost ships seems to have given us one (it placed it on the lower right stone holder on our compasses. Fire elementals are as well, along with some other crazy things. From what we saw exploring the map regions, just about everything in the game appears to be in these custom all biome maps.

  • On a related note lol, there are merchant ships sailing around, we didnt try to attack them, the treasure maps now work properly instead of a black screen, the Actual Ghost ships travel in packs, during the day, you see their wakes, and not them, when the sun goes down, you have until dawn to take them out or they despawn, which is a lot tougher to do that we imagines, it destroyed a fully rigged, crewed and gunned galleon like it was a row boat, 100k health and the convey was 6 of them traveling in a row. But, Dracos (dragons made short work of them (which a certain mod is gonna love knowing). the game ran like silk, our ping never went about 48, no rubberbanding no matter how stupid we got. Its a whole new game from the freeport only stuff. Hope you have fun mate.