Server Setup - Do grids have to be adjacent?

  • Do grids have to be adjacent?

    For example if I had a 3x3 server could I pick grids :

    M1, M3, M5, N7, J8, I9, I12, J12 and the spawn/freetown of D8?

    What happens when you hit the edge of the grid. Do you just get ported to the next nearest grid in that general direction and what happens if there is a 'gap' between grids

  • Hi, I believe there is a wall on the border of your map, it won't let you past. Now for the part I don't know about the grid choices being spread out. My thinking is that you want them closer or sequential. For instance, ABCD and not AZMQ. Take care.

  • Ok I've tested trying non adjacent and at the moment it doesn't work. Either there needs to be some additional configuration by g-portal or the game is simply not designed to 'skip' missing grids.

  • you would have to upload a custon json to move those grids next to each other in game logic to allow teleports, which is why gportl provided smaller custom maps. So you dont have to custom design your entire map and build the map file