Trees and rocks glitched, cant get resources.

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  • So on my private server, my character is able to run/teleport through rocks and trees.. Punching trees/rocks takes bark off the tree but doesn't give me resources, and doesn't damage the character...

    After many reconnects, I had the issue where I had to make a new pathfinder, low and behold, that character worked fine!!! Could punch trees, i'd take damage and it would give resources... All tools worked on trees and rocks and I couldn't teleport through trees and rocks anymore!!!!

    Then the server crashed... Upon reconnecting, I was back to my OG character who again couldnt hit trees and could teleport through them....

    So... How do I delete my characters from server?

    I've deleting and reinstalling on server, no cheese...

    Ideas guys?

    Cheers in advance!!!

    Twitch clip for visual demonstration