Exact method to change server settings

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  • Can anyone tell me exactly how to change setting reliablely,

    How I do it

    I make my changes,

    hit apply,

    hit ok on the needs to restart box,

    use the back button next to the apply button,(not the b button)
    exit to main menu,

    I then go to server rental and select restart server.

    Is is this the proper way to do it, it seems like I've been able to change a few things like clan size,

    But no matter what I can't get it to switch from PVP to PVE , or to the the correct region to show up, mine is an American server but it keeps showing up as an EU server

    Update, the helpful support people got it switched to show up as an American server, but it still shows up as a pvp server, don't want to mess this up so still need it changed to PVE

  • Ditto on this. Was trying to reconfigure the rented server yesterday (Albion Home of clan Vorn) I do the same as above - it seems that resetting the server always sets server settings back to default.

  • Hey, all changes except PVP / PVE you set ingame should apply directly to the running game. And they will be stored in the config files after restarting the server to make sure that those settings won't ge tlost!

  • I was told that there was currently an error with this. Whats happening is when the server restarts its defaulting back to the default server settings. It was told to me that it seems like its pulling from the default files. Its a new thing thats only started recently as two weeks ago my E.U server wasnt doing this

  • I'm having this same issue. I make a change to the server settings, for example, turning off decay, if I log out and back in, the settings are saved, but if the server is restarted it reverts back to what it was previously.