Issue with transfering survivor data to one server of 3

  • Hey all,

    I recently set up 3 servers in a cluster and 1 of them has an odd behavior. When transferring into the server, it detects your tribe, and allows you to pick a bed, however, it does not bring across your survivor, instead forcing the creation of a new one. The transfer works seamlessly between the other 2 servers, and all three share the same Cross ARK and Restrictions configuration (as seen on the basic settings tab). Anyone seen anything like this, or know some common issues to look for?

    I've been admining ARK servers for quite some time, but just transferred everything over here, and feeling like I'm just missing some odd default settings somewhere.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

  • It took a few hours and a few tries for me. They were tweaking stuff, then I was testing, etc. but in the end it been working flawlessly since. Keep in mind that both times were not on the same cluster but on freshly added servers, so this was not a "repeated" issue in case it could be interpreted that way from my other post.

  • Oh, no worries there, I'm quite familiar with having to tweak things on the initial set up - the configuration is intense on our end, I have a pretty decent idea of what it is on theirs... and that's why I host :) Thanks again for the info!