Deleteing the server doesn't seem to actually delete it

  • So after yet another attempt at deleting the server and reinstalling again I took a peek and noticed that deleteing the server doesn't seem to actually remove any files.

    So now I'm using FTP to delete as much as I can (don't have full access to some folders)

    Will then try yet ANOTHER reinstall after this.

  • Well, Server still not starting.

    Crash Log (Note that the version is 7.32 and not the current version)

  • Server Log (Again showing old version)

  • mine is now stuck at "restart the server for update" but restarting does nothing and i have deleted and started a new one but says the same thing /shug

  • Yes...

    Not sure how G-Portal does it's updates, it seems to require them to update something on their servers.

    I was using PingPerfect before this and they had a tool that would automatically fetch the files off steam and update the server without any problems.

    Unfortunately they were clueless about almost everything else so I thought I try here.

    I wanted an AU server so that ruled out Nitrado.

    I'm sure G-Portal will work things out eventually, they seem to at least give a fuck which is a step up from PP.