Can't join my ark server (PS4)

  • I just purchased a 10 slot Ark PS4 server from y'all and its not showing up anywhere... tried changing the session filter and cycling through the different options but still nothing. I've tried entering the name, the ip (numerical), I've even tried changing the server name and still nothing. any help would be appreciated!

  • Sorry to hear you're having issues.

    Ask and you shall here's some help..

    I do both PS4(mainly) and PC(sometimes).

    Make sure you game is showing Online in G-Portal first off. The connection with G-Portal takes about 2-3 minutes if not less.

    Now take in mind it may take a few hours for the game to show on ARK servers since Wildcard needs to establish the connection to the IP from G-portal. Right now they're kind of focusing on the issues with ATLAS since that's the new release, so it might take a couple hours at least to get going.

    What I recommend though, is to go to your account, click on Support and Write a Ticket, so the techies can check your server connections and make sure it gets going. They can then step in for you and expedite the fix with Wildcard that way too.

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