Attempting to join a game from invite or direct join

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  • I'm unable to find my server through unnoficial, however, I can find it in the steam server list. When I click to connect it takes me to that message about joining from invite and just sits there for hours

  • Hi and welcome to the G-Portal Fam. May I suggest you try what Haddie Lee posted here:

    gportal_354016 wrote:

    I experienced the same . and this is what i found out through trial and error . First off, I have found that you cannot join last server through JOIN LAST;

    After you find and select your server in server list and it takes you to the map that has server info on one side and map on the other do not click the grid on the map it will then start putting you through to other servers even though you see the name of your server. What i have to do is to make sure after getting to that screen is to type the name of my server in the search ( full Name) . Then wait for it to find the session. I spent 2 hours trying to get to my server only to be directed to random servers other than my own . Until i noticed that every time i clicked the grid on the map the server info on the right side would scroll to another server . I typed in my server name in the search and lo and behold i connected to the right server

  • I can't find my server in the server list. Would I find a different unlocked unnofficial server and try to find mine in their map? Is that what I'm reading?

    To find the Server you have to go to STEAM, select the View and scroll down to SERVERS. Click on that and you should see something that looks like this:

    From there click on ADD A SERVER and enter the IP/Port info along with the Query Port.

    From there don't click on the map as Haddie stated in their post. Just click join and it should be your server. I hope I didn't miss any steps. Take care.