Max players on single grid

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  • not really sure how this will work with multible grids. So i have a 50 slot server. When we are able to expand the map will all 50 be able to be on the same map or will they be forced to other maps/servers? The site said like 10 per expansion.

  • Hello, none of use are sure how the player base will load since this is early access. However, my understanding of server slots is that is the max number of slots per game. If the ATLAS maps work as described then you will cluster your servers. If the servers are clustered players can in theory move from map to map and be placed randomly in a map. Say for instance you decide to have a 5 clusters of servers, in my mind that would equate to 10 players per server. Again I am not certain how it will work, as soon as the information is available you will be notified. Take care

  • Is there any info on when we will be able to do this, because I just got a 40 slot server and want to split it into 4 - 1 slot servers for a 2x2 grid

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal Fam. We don't have and ETA on what you are requesting. It is on the list of features to be added. I believe that technical is more focused on ensuring that the servers are stable, playable, and coding in the features as they are released by the Developer. I hope this somewhat answers your question as we are only about 2.5 days into early access. Take care