Any info on servers and Pricing yet

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  • Just wondering if anyone has heard how this will work, and pricing. I do realize that Gportal gave us a starting grid to play on for now, but right now we have 4 of the same Islands. Essentially one island . Will we be able to customize what grids we want. I certainly wouldn't want to pay for a server with four of the same islands.

  • Dear Customer,

    at the moment we only offer the entry map of the offical server cluster from ATLAS. This map is configured as home server. Home server at do have a levelcap to level 8. You can overule this with the following steps in the basic settings:

    1. Deactivate ClampHomeServerXP

    2. Set NoDiscoveriesMaxLevel to 100

    We will release in the near future a selfbuilt map for 1 grid ATLAS server, which offers a more variable gameplay with all bioms, resources etc.

    Expansion server, so extended maps, are in developement and will hopefully be released before the new year. Of course we will credit you the missed days till then after it is released.

  • [IMG:]

    It says on the bottom I could create 1 master server and 15 expansion server with 12 slots each

    but after I purchased it, it just started one server with 200 slots, I uploaded custom files to the FTP directory but you override the jsons on restart.

    Hi, honestly I don't believe that feature is fully activated. It is under development that's why you can see it. Please refer to the main server page and you will see the info about clusters. Take care.