Zero way to access my server

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  • I've done everything I can think of and don't understand what's going on. Some people have access to their servers, others dont? My server says it's installed, it starts up fine. It'll stay online as long as I leave it, say its using CPU and RAM in the panel. But I cannot join it. I can't find it in game. I've added Query port and address to favorites and get this every time. Every time I try to delete the server and start another it just brings me immediately to a website maintenancy page. Has been that way for a day or two now..:cursing:

  • Sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. I've been looking around and everyone is kind of hit-n-miss right now.

    I don't think Wildcard has enough ports open for everyone right now from sounds of things from other sites I've been checking in on?

    Please go into the Support tab on your account and do the Write a Ticket thing to describe your issue so they can add it to their lists.

    It may take a bit to get updates since there are so many people they are trying to sort through right now for this, but someone from G-Portal should give you an update as soon as they are able to check it. Usually within a couple hours or so.

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