Insurgency Sandstorm - Dedicated Server Issues

  • Hello,

    I understand there are some server hosting issues going on, and I'm really struggling with bugs in this game or the game host itself. Can you clarify the issues being experienced?

    I have sporadic issues with people connecting. Sometimes, whenever they go to reconnect on map change, they'll endlessly sit there at 100%; some others are able to connect just fine. In addition to that, I have issues with the game.ini settings being randomly reset.

    I've really tried to stick to the base install, and I've re-installed the server more than twice to resolve these issues.

    I figured I would post a thread instead of stopping my subscription and moving providers.

    Any input will be nice. Thank you.

    The post was edited 2 times, last by daenrys7: Atlas banner posted in quote. Member states it was in error. Deleted banner to avoid confusion and moved thread back to Insurgency. ().

  • Hello! Merry Christmas and welcome to the G-Portal community. The title of this post is regarding Insurgency, yet the quote is regarding ATLAS. Please clarify which game are you hosting because as the quote states only "SOME" ATLAS servers are experiencing difficulties. G-Portal status is Operational.

  • Hello, I apologize that you are having server issues. Please submit a support ticket; also, understand that due to the holiday, response time may be 12-24 hours. Remember to include any information that you deem will assist the technical experts in resolving your issue. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas and take care.