How lone about " Pre-install "

  • I'm curious too. There are two G-Portal servers online currently. Spoke with the admin of one and he said the setup was instant. It would be great to find out what is actually going on with server rather than just being left in the dark. I don't know if I should just go with someone else or not. Apparently Nitrado is hosting instant servers right now. So maybe I should switch but I don't want to. Can we get some kind of actual information?

  • we should all get credit back to the server because of there delay and they are still currently working on it.
    I sent a ticket in and this is what they said

    Dear Pirates,

    unfortunately we are currently dealing with lots of issues and less of time, so we decided to not let you wait any longer and release this limited edition of our control panel for your game Atlas. This Alpha 0.1 Version of your control panel will receive new features step by step even through the holiday. We are currently releasing it at , and then will deploy to the site after we confirmed its working and everything is in proper order. While I know everyone is waiting to play and setup there servers, We are working tirelessly through the holidays to apply the game and system in proper manner so that You and Us can Avoid future issues. Also As the Game version update this has caused delays as we have then to rework, or implement the change to a unfinished design

    What works right now:

    - adding the main Atlas Server with the original Grid E3 (4:3) Map from the Official Servers, Working on expansions now

    - all multipliers and settings you can have for the main server

    What we are currently working on:

    - making the current feature set available for the new design

    - adding additional expansion servers with nearby grids out of the Official Map

    - free choice of Grids from the Official Map

    - adding your own Maps and Configs

    To anyone new you might want to look at this youtube video about ARK server settings on this website, the games are made by the same developers as Atlas and the mechanics are the same. I broke the link in case i'm not allowed.

    also on one on the other post a admin did say the time will be reset