• I would like to get some info on the new Atlas g portal Maps if i may.

    Now that 1.5 is live i see that there are (old content) and some new maps . I had the 3x3 biomes and powerstones by Phlex and would like to switch to another 3x3 with the new content .

    I see that there is only one available. My first question is . Will this be the only one available. If so, is all the game content in this map? I don't want what happened the last time and find out later that it does not have the content in how the game was meant to be . Is there a description somewhere on what the new 3x3 Three oceans consists of

  • The Problem here is the consistent lack of information for the customers. I have suggested multiple times that they could at the least give some brief description of what content is included in the maps. So we could make an educated guess on what we are getting . There is nothing worse than getting a map thinking it will have certain content only to find out that it doesn't . Which will require a wipe to change to another map. and that doesn't sit well with the folks that are on your server. and i don't blame them at all.

    My server has been updating for a few hours. So now I'm wondering if i even need to get a new map. Or are they updating the old content ones as well?

    Again, lack of information. I put in a ticket to ask some very basic questions. and apparently they do not inform customer support of this information before hand

  • It's unfortunate you rent a server and not know what you get. I created my 2x2 map, but changes I made does not work when I tried overwriting. I submitted a ticket, but support couldn't figure it out. I'm no game developer so there's only much I can do and so much money I will spend. I'd be more than happy to switch maps to another 2x2, but without knowing what those maps have, I'm sorry to say I probably won't continue with my private server.

    If any has the 2x2 Unknown Isle map, what does it have? I see it has the underwater biome, but what about powerstones and bosses? What about trade ships? What about Ghost Ship boss? If anyone knows, please post.

  • you could always try creating your own map, so you know whaat you get. Though we are running a 4x4 and pushing the limits with all the new quest lines

    Yes, that's all I've been playing. It took some time figuring stuff out, especially the power stones, and some of it I still don't know about. I just spent the majority of my day editing my 2x2 and adding in the trench. It's trial and error for me and quite frustrating sometimes. I'm not computer game savvy and some of this stuff I don't understand. I have a fairly good 2x2 I made weeks ago with all power stones in the right places, bosses on the power stone islands, Ghost ship route, and now the trench, but currently having problems with spawning on the Freeport island on my home server. Not working since the update. I was hoping there would be a 2x2 that has everything I have on mine, but works completely. Frustrating when things don't work.