• We are very proud that we are finally able to offer you the ATLAS Expansion Servers together with new maps designed by us. Unfortunately we had to delete all savegames, otherwise we could not offer the new maps.

    Please note the following things:

    1. You can now add Expansion Server. Your slots will now always be divided by the number of expansion servers. But you need at least 10 slots per expansion. The adden can last 1-2 minutes, the rush will be very big, please be patient.

    2. You must now assign a map to your server before the first launch. Go to the "Overview" tab in the "Maps" tab. We have the official ATLAS map and you have prepared some smaller ones, on which all resources and biomes are now to be found, even on the 1x1 with only one server.

    3. The individual grids have names that are based on the chessboard. A1, A2, B1, B2 ...

    4. You have to select at least one grid with spawn points so that you do not end up in the water.

    5. You can also start a bigger map and unlock more grids bit by bit.

    6. The card changes clear the database and all game progress every time

    Dear Customers,

    The Road to Development for Atlas has been a adventure/Challenge so far. The game is completely different compared to other similar games in terms of setup and networking, We Worked long hours this holiday season, and will continue to due so, Due to the Holidays and the atlas launch, we are Currently experiencing a delay in the normal 20 to 30 min replies I know a lot of you have come to expect from US, and We here at support work to maintain.

    First, If you are having Trouble connecting, Please verify your steam files, and reinstall the server, Check to make sure your looking under unofficial pc sessions and have the password box marked correctly if a password or not. Currently there seems to be a issue with region grouping, and not all servers listing in the search at once. That's just how steam works, you will get capped and it tries to region group some. So yes there is that limitation.

    I forget the number, I normally only see few thousand like 1-2k in each search, But there much more then this. Searching helps since it applies a filter but again just same steam listing calls. Nothing new or different here. And it may take multiple search to join. If not try the steps below

    Please find if anything is related to your question and try the steps for it, And if it works Proceed to close the ticket, We ask that everyone unless It’s a Direct problem connecting, To Hold off on question and check out forums, We Have been leaving daily updates there on Expansions and progress


    If you still dont find your server, try the following steps:

    Step 1: start atlas and click on „join new atlas server“

    Step 2: Add the correct filter settings. Just select the checkbox „show password protected server“ or un-select the box at all, it doenst matter if you server is password protected or not.

    Step 3: Ok now its important, if you have done your filterings please click on "Cancel" button, on the lower right and you will be redirect to main menu. Now click again on „join new atlas server“ and you will see your filters have been saved. Now type in the name of your server in the searchbox and you should be able to find it.

    I know that seems kinda complicated, but its a atlas game bug/issue, which will be fixed in the next weeks by the game devs.

    If you have a issue with the server staying online and have yet to connect, Please delete the server and install a new one, Some old instances are using wrong Json Configuration. Passwords Can have numbers But CAN NOT be only digits.

    If after that you still have issue, Just leave the ticket open and We reply and check into it soon.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

    Joining failed! Unable to fetch current server info to join!

    1.Go in ur Steam instalation folder und look for


    2.Read a "LastServerConnectStringCache..." file und copy a IP the right button on ATLAS and choose „setting“

    4.go to startoption

    5. write „+connect IP“ IP is from ur "LastServerConnectStringCache..." file

    on an example: + connect „OK“

    7. Start ur ATLAS

    8. Accept a direct connet

    P.S IF it dosnt work from the first try, just restart a Game.

    after successful connection do not forget to remove „+connect IP“

    link to the post…ns/0/1742229167196250962/ (edited)

    Joining failed! Unable to fetch current server info to join! Joining failed! :: ATLAS General Discussions


    The finance department is not back from holidays until after New Year, So if you have a finance or refund questions, Please try back after the first for us.

    This is a Generated Support message for Atlas.

  • can i password protect my server??? Says 10/10 people and I'm not even on it i don't want it for other people

    Those are your purchased slots that have been assigned to a server. If you had multiple servers or more slots you can "bank" your slots and add them when needed. Your server isn't online yet.

  • To anyone new you might want to look at this youtube video about ARK server settings on this website, the games are made by the same developers as Atlas and the mechanics are the same. I broke the link in case i'm not allowed.