Adding Mods to DayZSA Server Isn't Available on GPortal?

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  • Like other threads, I've been trying to add mods to the server that I rented on GPortal. I've tried many things to get a mod to work, but it doesn't want to happen. The steps that I've taken are below:

    Mod Example: @Trader

    1. Downloaded FTP and Steam Workshop Mod

    2. Moved the Mod folder to the Server directory in the FTP

    3. Copied the key from the "Keys" folder from the Mod folder and pasted the key in the "Keys" folder of the server

    4. Went back to the "Basic Settings" Tab in Gportal and moved the @Trader from "Available" to "Server Mods"

    5. Launched the game after restarting the server with my player spawning where the Trader is located and nothing is there

    I tried another mods called @ACUOutfit and did the same steps as above. In addition, I edited a config file where I allow my player to spawn with certain gear from the mod. I went into the server files and made it so that my player would spawn with it if the mod worked, but same results; it doesn't work. I also restarted the server prior to messing with the files.

    I believe that the only way for mods to work through GPortal is to allow Server Launch Parameters. This is how every other dedicated server is it seems like. Plus, every tutorial video shows people going and setting launch parameters through Steam.

    In addition to making this thread I also submitted a ticket. If you could guide me on how to add mods and the many other people who have servers from GPortal. Please do because it's very frustrating when you can't add what you want to the game. Thank you.

  • Hi and welcome to the G-Portal community, I apologize that its not working, your description reflects that you have a great deal of knowledge. I will check in again with the support team regarding this issue. Please post back if you find out why it's not working as well. Take care.

  • Alright so after submitting my ticket, customer service helped out a ton. I got a mod to work on the server and am still working on adding more. All you have to do is in step 4 (above in my original post) instead of putting it into "Server Mods" you add it to "Client Mods". From here you open the DayZ launcher via steam folder and add the mods there. Haven't figured it out as to DayZSA Launcher. If enough people need help I'll make a video and post it here.