Miscreated server panel

  • Hi, do we know what options will be available or what the server panel will look like? I'm currently with a _different_ provider for Miscreated and am looking at other possibilities.

  • Awesome question!

    Well I know most of the games have some images of the panel layout in the wiki listed above. You can scope out the game and go through the files and it should show some of the panels.

    If there are images you'd like to see added for a game and server, it could most certainly be passed along as a thread in the Suggestions/Feedback forum.

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  • Yeah, there's nothing listed or shown by g-portal yet. I'm very familiar with the current lack of interface that my server has and I'm more wondering whether functionality available from g-portal will be similar or better than _other provider_, and whether there'll be access to the game database for backups and downloading of those backups for just-in-case.
    My current server has been running since late 2016, and while I'm very interested in shifting it and doing my small bit to promote competition between providers I don't want to trade for less on the admin side of things. We're already very much making do with what we've got.

  • Got some details back for ya!

    So there are changes coming in, but right now it is limited to FTP and Config files moreso. G-Portal is updating things as they get more details and settings permissions. So things will be getting updated more over the next week or so as they come into G-Portal.

    If there are things you know are out there, definitely pass that along so we can let the techies here know to go get those files and set them up! :)

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  • Ah, awesome - so we'll be able to upload a pre-existing database then?
    If so that's excellent news. Now to work on getting the old database released...

    *just to add to that, with the original provider it was possible to set up to have the log files accessible to another server in order to manipulate them and display that data as both a map for kills and way to add join/leave/death messages (with a slight delay so that in-game fights didn't generate a pile-on). It was a special request deal that involved a lot of extra setup from the admin's end and a seperate system to handle parsing the log files etc so I didn't bother with it at the time.
    But having the log files available that way as an option would be very very desirable.

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  • I just got a Miscreated server setup so I'll go through and mess around with it this week testing some things out.

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  • The kiosks enabled option is unclear - choices being "disabled" or "for admin disabled" - "for admin disabled" should read "Skins Only"

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  • Forgot to link those useful things a while ago:


    I use this for timed reminders of our rule set, and add extra CRON jobs when we're running events. It's also a good quick way to see the playerlist and check through their steam profile, or send RCON commands.

    CSprance has a few different and useful utilities on github under his profile.

    Spafbi did have a good log file parsing utility which he's taken down for the moment. His github profile is https://github.com/Spafbi

    Hopefully he'll put it back up after he fixes things.

    I haven't tried this one, but it sounds useful. I'll have a look at it later.