from great to very bad customer support

  • started a ticket , the ping on my conan server went from 90 to 234 for four days with only 2-4 players on at a time hardly any structures on the map , so started a ticket and got brad , very helpful , support cleared the cache and thought that might help , it seemed to and then the ping jumped up again with only me on the server , so the next message from support comes from Anthony and he says they can move my server to some new hardware and i agree , so he does that and asks me to jump on the server and see if it is better , only now i cant get on the server at all its not on the list and when i try to connect directly it says server unresponsive , so i tell him that and no answer , i wait for an hour and still no answer i'm just left hanging with no response from Anthony at all , not even a message that says they are working on it just nothing , please bring back Brad , at least he lets you know whats going on and is very helpful , Anothony needs more training , and it would be nice if someone would tell me what is going on with the server that i paid my hard earned money on

  • update: was told they have to wait for an admin to work on it , server is still unresponsive 11 hours later, and that was the last message i have received from them , 11 hours and no one has told me whats going on , the ticket just says pending, i get the fact that i'm not the only one having problems with a server or game , but i dont understand no communication from support on the status

  • Sorry for any delays in response and that you're having issues connecting to Conan.

    I've kind of been in the same boat with Conan. I've had my server changes and other fixes done but still having to sort through some issues with things.

    I know the techies are working on things trying to get more details from Funcom as well since there seems to be slight disconnect between their servers and everyone else trying to connect.

    Even the Official Servers are having hit or miss issues it seems like.

    Keep updating and asking for updates on the ticket you created. They usually respond when you do a request, unless there's a major issue then they kind of lose site of the tickets until they fix the bigger issue. It a programmer defect in general;).

    Now as a Moderator, we do get some details to pass out, but we don't have access to your account or systems, or we would be most happy to help you in that fashion if we could. So about all we can tell you is, that they do know of the issues going on right now, but please keep sending them updates and requests for updates in your ticket, so they can track the items they are working on and get them sorted faster for everyone in general.:)

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  • i know they are others with problems also , all i ask is that they respond , i have sent multiple questions asking for an update on the progress and just dont get a response at all , my last question today was to see if they could just put my server back on the old hardware so i could at least use it , and i received no response and just now noticed the the server was offline and had been switched back to the old ip so i figured they moved it back to old hardware , so i tried it and my server was back up , which is great , but i still haven't received anything saying they moved it just nothing and its still listed as pending, if i haven't been keeping an eye on it i wonder how long before they tell me its back up , i think the major issue is communication , letting paying customers wait 8 hours for a response just isnt acceptable , the first time i had an issue with the settings BradK helped and he kept me updated often on what they were doing and answered my questions pretty quickly , and also with the issue i'm having now he did the same and then someone else took over for him and nothing, 8 hours of waiting for a response

  • Hello, please accept our apology for not keeping the lines of communication open. We will continue to monitor the communities feedback and focus on doing better. Thank you for being a valuable member of our community. Take care and know it only gets better as we grow and learn together.

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    Apologies for that, I know the server and the ticket, I actually was the one to correct the problem, There was slight issue with the ips, I do apologies for this, And if you where not compensated for the down time wait, just place a ticket in with us and ask for me and ill get it sorted for you