ARK server connection issues [PC]

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  • Hello I've been dealing with connection issues on my ARK server today and was just wondering if anyone else is dealing with it to. People are able to connect to the server fine but when they get in they are not able to do anything. From crafting to using doors ect ect. They will also eventually get slingshotted back to where the spawned after a little bit. I am also completely locked out of the basic settings tab on the website and can not change anything.

  • So the server says it is offline on the dashboard but I am able to get on it with the same problems happening as before... the server is completely unplayable,

  • Hello, I don't understand how you are locked out of your server settings. Either way, you will have to submit a support ticket. We can't resolve the issue in the community forums. Take care.

  • Yeah that doesn't sound good. I've had plenty of times where I get 'stuck' and even had to migrate my server but that does require a Support - Write a Ticket to get that all sorted out as daenrys7 mentioned.

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