New being reset

  • Has anyone run into a problem were your World saves are deleted and the game starts from scratch.
    My world has had this problem for the last day and I've had to restore a save I downloaded from G-portals to get my world running again.
    Problem is the save is 1 day old and we lose any progress we gained.
    The world is not saving it's being deleted and reset.

  • Here's something to try I found:

    My Computer // C: // User // Your User // AppData // LocalLow
    There you have to delete the Strange Loop Games folder.

    If that don't work, will see if I can find something else to help.

    In the end though, might need to submit a Support - Write a Ticket to have the devs at G-Portal to check things out for your game and server. There might be something there they would need to sync better.

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