Help, just set up my Ark server but cant find it ?

  • brand new and out of my depth it seems.

    I have set up my Ark server, it says its online.

    Searching on my xbox one in "unofficial pc sessions" and I cant find it ?8|

  • Well, as far as I know, g-portal is not offering hosting services for ARK on Xbox; only PC (Steam) and PS4 so the server you rented is most likely for one of these platforms. I won't link you any competitor, out of respect for g-portal, but you have to find a host that is licensed and approved by Microsoft.

  • This isn't entirely accurate. The Ark will play on XBOX via G-Portal, you have to have your XBOX and Microsoft accounts linked, like they should be anyways, and there's a connection portal you need to setup on XBOX account so you can go in that way. Just remember, the version of ARK on G-Portal is the Steam Version.

    It gets a bit tricky, but you should be able to find the server with the filters set certain ways. Sometimes you gotta play with them. I have the problem where I can't find my server PC, PS4 or XBOX fashion, and these have been going for almost a year now! In order for me to connect via XBOX or PC I usually have to go through my Steam account to connect.

    It's just a handshake issue I think in general though. If you are having a lot of problems with it though, I would recommend doing a Support ticket so they can check your server for any possibly sync issues to Wildcard servers.

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