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  • So I’m trying to update my custom drop set and the configuration keep saying script to large when I try to save it is there a way to see what limitations and size there are for it to be excepted into the game.INI?

  • It depends on how you've set the file for the ini file. There isn't a known limitation for size at this time, since I think they leave that secured.

    I use a generator online app to make my files and alterations that works perfectly every time.

    Check out this link:

    This one can help you design and mod the ini files to work decently and reduce errors and troubleshoot any changes you want to make to the ini as well.

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  • You can't really add the account to the beaconapp if that's what you're asking about. The beaconapp is more for Nitrado directly. That tool is supported by Nitrado, not G-Portal.

    The app I was talking about is online to allow you to alter and create your own files to add to the ini files for the server.

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