Repeated disconnects

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  • So I've been having an issue where, when I attempt to join my server, it loads for a bit and then disconnects and says that I could not connect to the server. Then, there will be times when I can join for a few seconds before being disconnected. This issue isn't happening to anyone else on the server, there's someone on it right now. I've verified my game files, made sure the program is allowed through my firewall, made sure my modlist matches, and have dropped my graphics down to the bare minimum and it still happens. So far I've only been able to play on my server twice without it crashing or kicking me. I'm able to play single player or co op perfectly fine, this just happens whenever I try to join online.

    Is there any fix to this? I haven't been able to find answers anywhere else.

  • Hello and Welcome to G-Portal US community forums. The first thing that comes to mind is to check your Ping and if you have any settings that disconnects high ping joiners.

  • The max ping is set to 100000, so I don't think it's that. It's happened after deaths and whenever I try to enter the server, and I've tried just about everything I can think of.

  • Yes, i have 2 other people that I play with on my server, and they are able to play without issue. Is there a possibility that it is due to where I am in relation to the server? I live in Dallas, and the server is on NA West. Would switching it to NA East possibly fix it / be possible?

  • Actually sending this out since it's been mentioned in a few previous threads.

    You are unfortunately being attacked by the dreaded Lag Monster of Nofun....:cursing:

    Now that being said, there are a few things you can try on top of what you've done so far...

    * Connect to your router and add the server IP to your whitelist

    * Run a test scan of your connection with the closest and largest hub nearby for your upload and download speeds.

    * Check your network to see if something if you are being throttled by another app?

    * Stop the server for like 15 minutes, since there could be an update that didn't process properly and hanging your connection. Since you are renting the server, your account is going to want to most current revision running to work right while 'visitors' can sometimes get away with running on the older version.

    * Finally definitely go to Support and Write a ticket so the devs can check your server in privacy since there may be a sync issue.

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