Need customer Services!

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  • Below is an attachment of my dashboard. It says my server is online, but in the server status It is reading offline. I have been having this problem all day. I have created a ticket and no one is responding to help. Ive wrote them on facebook, they read it but never responded. I am paying for a service I cannot even use. So please, can someone here help me out so I can get my server up and running again!?

  • Hello

    I have experienced the same thing. Your server needs to update. That will require a series of stops and restarts and its something that you can fix from the same panel you took that screen shot. Take care

  • I'm having the same problem..

    My serve is showing online but it's not working. It'll be up for about 20 minutes a d if people log in and play it crashes indefinitely. This has been going on for over 24 hours now.