My server says online but it does not appear on the list.

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  • My server kicked everyone off. It says its online on Gportal but no one can connect to it. I've tried stopping it twice and restarting it.

  • Having the same problem with my ark server. I wonder if its a Gportal problem? I am now able to see the server but am timing out every time i try to connect.

  • I've had this problem for about the last 8 hours. The server came back online twice in that time for maybe 15 min then kicked everyone again. Status says online in the dashboard, but no server load showing, title of my server is the default title, and no one can connect. What's funny is I can 'stop' the server and it'll go offline. I start it back up and it just stays the way it was before stopping it. G-Portal is not responding to my tickets... which makes me think they're having a serious problem. Normally they're really responsive.