Authentication/mod failure?

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  • Hello! I am a first time Conan Exiles and GPortal server owner. I have paid for my own server to play with friends. Now then...
    I have set up the server to the best of my ability, following its instructions. I have looked up on GPortal and YouTube how to enable mods. And followed the instructions.
    But when I go to log into my server it first says "Mods are not enabled". I try again and it says "Authentication Failure". I have checked and doubled checked my mods, their order and so on. But to no avail. Could anyone kindly give me a hand here? We all are excited to being our adventures in Conan Exiles. <3

    Mods and order as follows. I set it as that in my game mods, and selected them again under the server mod options.
    Conan Sexiles
    Savage Steel
    Level 250 MOD

  • Hello and welcome to GPortal forums. After you have selected the mods you have to make them available. Its a two step process. First you have to select and download the mods. Once they appear on the left side you should go to BASIC SETTINGS and then move them from Available to Selected. You will have to do this in game as well and ensure that they are in the same order as your server. Here is a previous post from this forum on the subject, it also has screen shots.

    Conan Exiles Mods not installing

    Take care.