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  • Hi i wanted to ask the server saves its self every 15 mins how i can load the last save?

    If the server doesnt save itself how i can do automatic save everyday?

  • While you can have the server do auto saves sometimes those get a wee bit quirky or downright dang annoying.:cursing:

    I find the best thing to do on top of those is to do a Backup in the System tab. It allows you much more control of files to Restore and seems more accurate imho.

    The auto saves in Basic settings can be off because of time zone differences and such.

    I tend to do a backup like once a day and delete the last several days every Monday. Not a MUST DO type thing but I like to control what I got. :)

    The auto saves are good though for a quick fix though.

    Now to load a previous save, go into Basic Settings - Savegame and click on the scroll down where it says CURRENTSAVEGAME and choose the date and time you want to reload.

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  • A little late to the thread but i have tried to do this an d it keeps resetting to the current saved game

    Make sure server is offline, then choose the save that you want to load, then click save, then restart server. Will not work if the server is online, and will not work if you forget to click save after making any changes. Hope this helps...