How to change installed mod settings?

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  • So I have a few mods installed, and for the most part they all seem to be running fine its just that awesome spyglass' notifications are delayed and I'm trying to find that setting in the ini files, but the only thing concerning mods in the ini is the mod list. Where abouts would I go to alter the mods settings itself?

  • Hi and welcome. Honestly, since its a mod you would have to mod the modders files and I don't think that is exactly possible. May I suggest sending a comment to the the modder asking for it to be changed. Take care.

  • Thanks. I did d ouble check on the mod page and couldnt find a discussion about it in the comments (I looked through all 12 pages x.x) but then I scrolled aaaalll the way to the bottom and someone had explained the issue further. So I thiiiink I may have fixed it. ^_^ thanks for the reply.