Cross server question

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  • So I just rented a server today for PS4 and I'm wondering if we start out on the island map and play for awhile could I then stop the server load say ragnarok play there for awhile then go back to the island and keep all the charater progress? Just hoping I don't need to rent 5 or 6 servers to travel between maps lol

  • Ok, I'm gonna try to take this one. I'm a PC guy but, I think it will work the same for you. Will you have to rent multiple servers?? No you will not. You will however have to rent enough slots to make multiple servers. Ark servers require a minimum of 10 slots, if you have a server now, then you have atleast 10 slots. If you want to travel to a different map, then you will need to have 20 slots, 10 for each map. If you have 20 slots, then you allot 10 for a second map and link the two maps in your cluster. Obviously you will need 30 for a third map, and so on and so forth.. Once you have other maps in your cluster, you will be able to travel between them with the same character. Hope this helps, but I'm certain this is not what you wanted to hear. Have a great day, and have fun.