Server Problem : With DayZ

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  • I Purchased the server it says that i have to activate it but haven't i already payed for it? it says go to "My servers" an click "Add new server" there is no add new server theres only "Activate"

    I would love some help with this an figuring out how I can get the server.

    Hello and welcome. You have the option to add any game you own to your cloud. Yes your cloud server is activated, now you have to install the game you want to manage on it.

  • How would do I ad any game i own to my cloud

    I have the game installed on my computer but how do i get it to my cloud

    An When i click the "Activate" button it gives me this

    Do you wand to recharge your account?

    Do you wand to recharge your account?

  • Okay, my morning eyes may have not been awake. I apologize. Looking at your attachments again, I have noticed that there are 0d 0h 0m above your cloud settings. That means your server time has expired and in order to use your cloud you should add more time. The part of your image that would show your credit is clipped so I don't see that. Basically to reactivate the server it should take 20.75 in credits.

    The short answer is yes you have to add/use the credit. Take care.