Official Server Region Changed & More!

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  • So i got invited to a Clan on Official Server 1429 PvP-F. Before i could play with them that server was down for Approximately 15 Hours. When it did finally come back they had said it switched from an American Host to an EU host. Now 90% of the servers population is American and it is a pretty popular server for what i have come to understand. They have a few members at Lvl 50 but overall everyone is around Lvl 40. So they put in some work.

    Now u noticed that the servers web adress says but with an EU region. All EU servers have a wev adress ending in All US servers end with

    Im sure you know that but i am trying to make a point that something us fishy.

    Since that change this is what i experienced in the 3 hours or so i was on it.

    4 Dashboards.

    3 Server wide Disconnects.

    1 Extended Disconnect.

    And the Worst!

    A hung up Client every few minutes but instantly if you travel more than 20-30 feet. These hang ups literally unplayable. You run unto mobs or well teleport, the same thing goes for any cliffs you are facing.

    Like i said, if you move in a direction for about 10-20 seconds it will Hang in Limbo. When it reconnects you are either dead from falling, killed by mobs or teleported wherever you were facing about 100 feet.

    Can something be done? I know it is a GP/EA game and no support is given. I just know that we played on another server in those 15 hours or so that it was down and not one person in the clan experienced any sort of bug for over 6 hours.

    Thank you.

  • Good Morning. I assure you that we have not switched that host to the EU and that host sits here in one of the US datacenters. I will let our admins know something has changed in the region marker to list it as EU. I am sure they will let Funcom know to fix. I know some of the issues are frustrating but Funcom should have another patch going to certification that will hopefully resolve some of the issues you are seeing. These issues have been reported to Funcom and they are working quickly to try to get them resolved.

  • Hellol

    - no region change has been made. Its still in the US!

    - all the crashes are related to the last patch deployed on friday. We do not develop the game we just host it. We have informed Funcom about these issues allready on saturday and we hope they have a patch underway today. So please understand that we can't do anything to improve stability of the game since we just host it. The software is the probem and this is beeing maintained and fixed by Funcom noone else.