Can't get into my server on PS4

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  • just signed up to rent a server and i cant find it on my ps4 im not sure if there is an issue or if im doing something wrong i think i have it set up right and it says its online please help i would like to play the new map asap

  • Hey, had this at first.

    Few questions so I can help, what map is your server set to, what is the name of your server, and is it password protected?

    Some things you should be sure of when searching on ps4 is that your searching in the Unofficial pc servers category. If your server has a password, make sure to tick the "show password protected servers" box down the bottom. Hope this helps.

  • thank you for replying,

    im trying to get on the new extinction map. initially i tried password protected but i couldn't find it so i removed the password. im at work so i had my friend sitting and refreshing the server list for about 30 minutes and it never popped up. about an hour or so later he looked again and still didnt find it. also on a side note do i need the website and page up or does it keep going when i close the page?

  • The new DLC for Extinction is not yet available at this time for G-Portal. Wildcard is working a few kinks out first on the Official servers first before they open it more fully for the Unofficial server groups. No ETA at this time for that.

    And yes, bumming me out, I am SOO gonna go tear into that map when it's available! :evil:

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  • Okay going to go test my PS4 one out. Looks like I had to stop the server fully then the update processed.

    back in like a few minutes....maybe...unless i start capturing dinos, then all bets are off...

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  • k PS4 version is working fine for me now.

    PC version is now downloaded as well and seems to be working there now showing Extinction in the listing.

    If it is showing as a Map option, you should be able to select it and play it now.

    I'm not too sure on the PC/XBOX version though since I don't have the DLC on that platform just PS4

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  • well you first have to have the map picked in the Basic Settings for the game in G-Portal

    Then you should be able to locate the game with playing with the filters a bit

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  • thats good news! i will test it out when i get home for i am at work and the friend that was testing it for me has long since gone to bed.

    how do you update on g-portal?

  • All you do is Stop the server, wait for like 30 seconds or so then Start the server and it will give you an Installing Update message. once that's done i generally wait for like 5 minutes of it Running for good measure then start playing fine normally.

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