server glitch, going tru foundations

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  • my server is glitchy, complains of walking through foundations and 9999 ping. Any way I can fix it?. I restarted the server, and it went away, but the next day it happens again randomly. 8 players online of 20 slots. :thumbsup:

  • How exactly can you run mods on a PS4?

    I think they're talking about the PC/XBOX versions. Those can run mods.

    The PS4 version does things a wee bit differently with settings, and ini file adjustments, but those can also impact how the game runs as they're talking about above.

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  • If you are having issues in the game itself, those are most likely going to be needing to get checked by the developer.

    You are welcome to submit a ticket with G-Portal and they will reach out to Funcom to work on the issue as well.

    All that a ping rate of 9999 means is that the packet exchange was most likely not completing fully or something was blocking an accurate scan of the packet rate transfer. About the only thing you can do is give it a shot and see how things respond.

    With having the game behave improperly as you mentioned above, this is definitely something that will need a ticket submission to both G-Portal and Funcom.

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