Dayz / Battle eye error

  • So the support team is either really busy or just not with it. i got a dayz server yesterday and i have not been able to to use the server. i keep getting this error you were kick battle eye ping to high (31).

    my internet is more then fine. i have no issue with joining other servers on the list only when i join my own server, so seeing that getting feedback from the team here take's some time i figured i would post here and see if anyone other then myself has been having this same issue. and maybe can help me figure out as to why i am getting this message its not just me either a few other friends have tryed to join as well and get the same message as me any help on this would be great :)

    Thanks again :thumbsup:

  • Hello 720094!

    Sorry to hear about your issues with the new rental.

    Typically it takes only a few minutes for things to be setup on G-Portal side, but it can take a bit sometimes for the server to connect fully on the back end.

    If you are having issues after like 2 hours and not being able to connect, and you've already confirmed your system is fine as previously noted, then please go into your account, click on the Support tab, and do Write a Ticket. Please be as detailed as possible. While you may be frustrated, please stick to the points so things don't get confusing. There may be a connection issue the devs on G-Portal side might have to work out with the devs for DayZ.

    Once a ticket has been generated, they're pretty great at getting back to you via email.

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  • i got the server last night and i had been talking to someone about it but this morning everything was taken care of by a very very helpful admin so everything is good and running as it should be now thanks !