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  • Hey, I've put in 2 tickets so far, about 2 hours ago. My server, Aussie Vikings (PVE Oceania) vanished off the server list some time today. I've had all my regular players message me asking what's going on. I've tried restarting it and changing stats back to basic unboosted stats AND recharging my credit (it did have 5 days left, now it's 35 days and still nothing, wasted money.). I don't want to have to wipe the server as I have 20+ regular players who have worked very hard on their creations... On g-portal it is saying the server is up and running, online and everything but it still isn't showing up on the list in game for people to join. Please help ASAP I've got a hoard of angry regulars out to get me X/

  • Hello all,

    PC Expert requested, well I'm not really an expert imho, but I have been working on PC and tech support for 20+ years, so think I'm close.....


    One thing everyone needs to remember with Server Rentals. There are 2 servers involved no matter who you rent from. Both of those servers will need to connect to each other in order for you to play your game.

    (btw this is going to be a REALLY lengthy explanation since it kinda got asked for, so get ready. get some snacks and drinks and enjoy this read. Oh, and this not meant to be snarky or insulting, this is to get information out to people about how things like this works)

    So a company releases their game. They have their own servers. These are typically called 'Official Servers' These are the servers EVERYONE plays in and have 0 say in how they are run and managed, since the developer does all of this for the players. So then you're only dealing with connecting to the company's server.

    Now when you RENT A SERVER the company you choose to rent from will typically have your server rental setup within a few hours. G-Portal really does get your rental setup and going within a matter of minutes. I think I've only seen a couple times where it took like an hour, but that was due to a massive amount of orders for a game.

    Now when you get your G-Portal all setup and going, it can take like 2 up to 24 hours to get fully established. Now this is mainly because the connection needs to be fully established by the main dev company. Typically, if you cannot see or access your game(s) on your server rental, you will want to go into the Support menus and submit a support ticket so the dev team for the server rental company (G-Portal in this case), can go into your PERSONAL & PRIVATE profile to check things on G-Portal's end, and then that SAME TICKET, allows G-Portal to approach the gaming company to check into the account linked to their servers and get things fixed on their end. Here ends the educational portion of this broadcast, hope you enjoyed. :)

    Now to address the concerns previously mentioned above as well....

    Please check out the link listed about showing wiki. This has a wealth of knowledge articles that can assist in managing your rental server.

    If you are showing online in your account profile but not able to find your server in the game, like Conan for example, here are the steps you should take to ensure it is operating to best efficiency:

    1) Stop the Server and check for Updates. If your server is out of date, if won't connect to the game dev server.

    2) Check your game updates. Again, if the game is not on the current revision on your server, it won't be able to connect online.

    3) Restart the Server. Sometimes you have to Restart the server like 3 or 4 times to get things to take fully. Give it 15 minutes between the restarts for best effect.

    4) Click on the Reinstall. Make sure you do a backup before doing this as it could drop or corrupt a file. It happens.

    5) Do regular backups!! Sometimes just reloading to a previous save can fix some things. You will unfortunately have to rename things manually or take note of which save has whatever setup so you can reload that specific backup at a later date.

    6) If you are doing a server with Mods, you may have to remove the mods and reload them. I've actually had to remove my mods (saved them on a notepad for any adjustments), Reinstalled my game on the server and reload the Mod, a few times. Mods can really throw things off if the game or G-Portal does an update, so if the MOD on the game will become out of date as well. So update game, then server, then MODS, then everything should load again like normal.

    7) If all else fails, click on Support and Write a Ticket. Provide screenshots, and be as detailed as possible. Please avoid throwing in personal feelings as this can delay things. With how many things devs are working on, they really don't have time to deal with things directly all the time. That's why you all get to talk to us lovely Moderators! :love: So when you submit that ticket, get those screenshots. Get as detailed as possible with what you're having an issue with, and keep an eye out for your profile here and your personal email linked to your account.

    Oh and one more bit of helpful advice, go into your profile and set a avatar name for yourself. It makes things seem more legit, and that you're not simply a troll trying to stir up drama. Anyone who is trying to stir up drama and not really having any issues, is usually ignored and posts get removed when trolls are found. So don't be a troll. Be a gamer, and help each other like real gamers will do. :thumbsup:

    Man, this was a long one, but I did warn ya'll it would be a bit lengthy :D

    Have a great day all and hope you get to going again soon!

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  • Hi, thank you, I know how servers work which is why I know the problem is at G-portals end and not mine. I have checked for server updates, checked for game updates, stopped the server, restarted the server, tried loading a backup save of the server AND reinstalled the server. I don't use mods. I've made multiple tickets now with the same 'we're looking into it' answer. The reality is that I've just paid $42 something to renew it and this happens. Our server has been running for 2 months with zero issues and it has literally suddenly vanished. This is quickly becoming a waste of my time and money that (from what it looks like from other forum posts relating to refunds) I won't be getting back ? (or perhaps you can point me in the right direction to recieve a refund please?)

    Also, direct connect does not work, tried that.

    Not sure if aimed at me, but I do have an Avatar name? It's Aussie-Vikings, same name as my server Aussie Vikings. My name is showing up for me so my apologies if you can't see it but that issue isn't at my end either.

  • Same thing happening to our server yesterday (PVP Oceana), g-portal site says it's online but it's not showing in the server list and direct connect doesn't work either. We are primarily at default for all settings and not running any mods at all. Submitted a ticket and G-Portal are working on, but we're coming up on 36 hours down time now, still waiting.

  • I'm still waiting. Coming up to 5 days down now. I've asked in a ticket if they can just delete the server completely and give me a new one. They told me it is a hardware issue at their rnd. Waiting for a reply now, fingers crossed they fix it today, I've got a lot of peeps keem to get back on!

  • Sorry to hear things are at the hardware level. I know that can impact multiple people.

    If anyone is having issues like mentioned above, please, submit those tickets so the Devs know who are being impacted better so they can get you back up and running faster.

    Aussie-Vikings - Not really meant towards you in that big post i did lol. There were other posts mentioning their avatar so just doing an 'all-in-one' reply to get everyone answered. All good man.:thumbsup:

    Here's hoping anyone not able to get some Thralls gets going quickly!

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  • Gorgrak, I was wondering if you could just delete my server entirely and give me a whole new one with 20 slots (What I already have), as it still isn't fixed. I did deleting it myself, it said it was deleted but it's still showing up there, online, with 0% CPU and RAM, which is why I'm wondering if someone could do it for me? It looks like my whole server interface is broken somehow, I can't even restart, stop or update my server, It's just constantly saying online... Is that possible? I just wanna get back on ahah ?

  • Unfortunately Moderators don't have that level of control. We're mainly forums maintenance and information resources for everyone.

    That level of request would need to be submitted via Support and Write a Ticket for a dev to make that possible.

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