Why cant i find my server on ark!!!!???

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  • I cant find my server on ark anywhere yet I was charged for it!! I can direct connect but that doesn't help my budddies connect:cursing::cursing::thumbdown::thumbdown: So I found the server, its not what I named it for starters and 2nd my password isn't working and I just updated it!!! this is bs!! Cant someone direct me to the refund page and ill order through someone else

  • This same thing happened to me my friend, the first day I got my server. While it seems like a pain in the six, it's not that bad. Have your friends do like admin@dcagamers said. They will only have to do it the one time, provided they don't delete it from favorites, and it will always be there for them. As far as your passwords and any other changes you have made to your server, a very common problem that I still run into all the time is the fact that each section of Basic settings page has a different save button. If you make a change to one section, and save it, then make a change to another section but forget to save that specific section, only the saved change will take effect upon restarting the server. Hang in there, I've only been using Gportal for a couple months, but I've learned you can almost always find the answers you're looking for, if you just ask.

  • ok so I found the server and its workaround getting in..How do I use console commands in my server ive typed enablecheats and password and it oesnt change or activate anything..ive watched over a dozen videos but none of them "show" how to do it just verbally taeel you..i don't understand vernbal I need a step by step guide thnx I'd also like to point out that putting steam64id into admin access prevents my server from rebooting

  • I'd like a refund please! This is flippin aggravating. It should be touch and go not this jump through 50 hoops bs to get my server to act the way I want I too. I was warned not to use Gportal but decided to give you guys a shot anyway. I realize now that was a mistake, I just want my money back, if I cant do what I want with a server I paid for after reading and watching for hours on how tos then its not worth it, ill just rent from nitrado. Thanx

  • Hello all!

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with your new ARK rental.

    So to begin with, it really depends on which platform you are playing on to use the cheat modes for ARK.

    Now there is somewhat of a walkthru in the wiki listed at the very top of the page.

    However, if these are not sufficient enough for you, please check out the following ARK link:


    This link has a complete walk thru guide on admin commands and how to use them. It's pretty good for the XBOX and PC., It is slightly off on PS4, but they do mostly work okay otherwise.

    Now if you still want to go rent from Nitrado, I will warn you, I was with them at the start, and they don't respond in forums ever now, and if you submit a ticket, good luck, they may, or may not get back to you at all. That's why I came over to G-Portal. G-Portal is VERY good at getting back to tickets submitted within an hour.

    If you still want a refund, then you will need to go into the Support tab and Write a Ticket since this request is dealing with private information and your banking details.

    Either way, have a great day and good luck on getting those dinos! :thumbsup:

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  • have a look at some of the mods that allow you to use admin commands or use in console showmyadminmanager

    I have been with about 10 hosts, over the years of ark hosting, and gportal is by far the easiest.