Is there a way to run Day Time Only server?

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  • Well the game is designed to be always night time.

    I don't think there's a way to officially set it to daytime without using some sort of MOD.

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  • DayZ Server Admin Time Settings & Day/Night Cycle:

    Since the 0.57 update on stable branch, developers implemented new options for admins: Server date, time & persistence. In this guide I’ll explain you the new functionalities and give you an example on how to setup a “3 hours day + 1 hour dusk” Server” including BEC Scheduler configuration.

    New Server Time Options

    • Server Time: “System Time” (based on server) or “Custom Time”.
    • Start-up Time: If the Server time is set on “Custom Time” then you can define a date time for the server start-up, using the following pattern: YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM. Example: “2015/4/8/17/23”.
    • Time Acceleration: Sets multiplier for X in-game hours that pass during 1 real world hour
    • Time Persistence: Saves server time to persistence, time will continue after restarts

    Read more here:…dmin-time-settings-guide/

    Config Parameters

    The server configuration is handled via serverDZ.cfg, a configuration file which you can use to configure various game server settings such as the player count, 3rd person view, and welcome messages. etc. The file usually is located in the root directory of the server but can be placed elsewhere with the startup parameter -config. To ensure, that Steam does not overwrite this file with an update, be sure to have a copy of this original file and rename it.

    Required Parameters:

    1. serverTime="SystemTime"; // Initial in-game time of the server. "SystemTime" means the local time of the machine. Another possibility is to set the time to some value in "YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM" format, f.e. "2015/4/8/17/23" .
    2. serverTimeAcceleration=12; // Accelerated Time (value 0-24)// This is a time multiplier for in-game time. In this case, the time would move 24 times faster than normal, so an entire day would pass in one hour.
    3. serverTimePersistent=0; // Persistent Time (value 0-1)// The actual server time is saved to storage, so when active, the next server start will use the saved time value.

    Read more here:…rver-files-documentation/

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